Tried + Tested


A ready made approach

With Ingenuity Tried + Tested, you not only get a scalable and reliable test department capable of supporting the needs of your business, you also get a testing methodology designed and refined over two decades to meet the highest standards.

No compromise on quality, just price

We recognise that when launching a new product, costs can easily escalate and at a time when revenue may not yet be being generated. To help with this Ingenuity has no upfront fee for creating our test materials. We see it as our investment in what we hope becomes a long-standing partnership with our client. For a reasonable agreed fixed monthly fee, Ingenuity can take on as much of your testing needs as required no matter how many cuts of code or last-minute changes are made.

“Very impressed with the efficiency and accuracy in the testing of our new suite of products, from the initial build phase to deployment.”

Mark Leonard - UW Director at Inspire Motor