Rather than offering a broad range of system testing services to numerous sectors, at Ingenuity we prefer to specialise, providing very specific quality assurance solutions to the Insurance industry.  Over the years, this has allowed us to focus our efforts on becoming as efficient and as effective as possible, our aim being to provide an expert service delivered by a team of experienced testers, but for a price more in line with that of a single contract worker.

Rates and Rules

Whatever the line of business and whether it be a new development or a monthly update, Ingenuity can provide timely assurance that your product is behaving as you intended. 

We build and maintain bespoke test-plans that are designed to exercise your products requirements in both rating and underwriting criteria.  Using a combination of automation and manual testing techniques, we then execute the test scripts across the various target systems.  We then liaise with the product authority and the software house to raise and resolve any issues noted during the test phase.

Business Process

 Whether it’s a new development or a change in requirements, Ingenuity can assist in the testing of your point of sale documentation and EDI through all phases of the business process, from new business to mid-term adjustment through to renewal.

Our preference is to test EDI end to end and in concert with the documentation, working closely and collaboratively with our customer in a manner that is transparent to their Business.