Established in 2001 and with many years of combined experience in the field, we at Ingenuity are always striving to achieve the highest level of quality assurance in the most efficient way.

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Ingenuity System Testing Services

Ingenuity's purpose is to provide our clients with the ability to make qualified business decisions about the systems on which they are dependent for success. Our clients look to us for the application of a relevant blend of system testing, risk assessment and quality management techniques. This is supported by our independence, our experience, structure and the appropriate sense of urgency in action and communication demanded by our high professional standards.

Our Services

Rather than offering a broad range of system testing services to numerous sectors, at Ingenuity we prefer to specialise, providing very specific quality assurance solutions to the insurance industry.  Over the years, this has allowed us to focus our efforts on becoming as efficient and as effective as possible, our aim being to provide an expert service delivered by a team of experienced testers, but for a price more in line with that of a single contract worker.

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Clients + Partners

During Ingenuity’s two decades in the industry we have built up strong relationships with a number of different Clients and SWHs, with numerous SWH systems in-house and remote connections to many more.

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St Mary’s Mill

The home of Ingenuity as seen from the mainline from Paddington as it comes in to Stroud. Ingenuity has occupied two of its floors for over 15 years.


The Automation Wall

Automation is a key part of our service and enables us to provide testing in an efficient and timely manner. Our automation tools are developed in-house and are designed to reliably run tests round the clock to meet demanding release deadlines.